OpenBet Partners with Governmen-Owned Finnish Operator Veikkaus

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One of the leading content, platform, and service providers in the sports betting industry, OpenBet, partnered with the government-owned operator from Finland, Veikkaus.

Access to the Finnish market:

The Finnish market recently became one of the key markets in Europe, especially when it comes to sports betting. Recently, Finland decided to open its doors to private companies and offer them an opportunity to apply for both sports betting and iGaming licenses in the market. This measure towards more inclusivity also opened the door to OpenBet and its unique and advanced solution, which will help the Finnish market grow even further.

The agreement is signed for four years, and OpenBet’s modern technology will upgrade the Veikkaus sportsbook platform, enhancing the betting experience for players who enjoy either retail or online betting, and granting access to the brand’s Managed Trading Services.

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Mutually beneficial partnership and industry leaders:

Nikos Konstakis, Chief Product Officer at OpenBet, commented: “Our partnership with Veikkaus demonstrates our ambition as pioneers in regulating markets. By integrating our innovative technology and tailored solutions, we are not just entering Finland; we’re transforming its sports betting landscape. It’s a monumental chapter for OpenBet, and we look forward to setting an unparalleled benchmark with Veikkaus. This reaffirms our position as an undisputed leader in the WLA space, with 18 global partners, and highlights our expertise in the lottery sector and commitment to responsible gaming and driving success for operators through localized strategies.”

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Juha-Matti Mäkilä, Vice President of betting Operations at Veikkaus, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with OpenBet in this venture. By utilizing their deep-rooted expertise and top-tier technology solutions, we will redefine the user experience and elevate our sports betting offering. OpenBet’s advanced technology suite and history of scaling operations in dynamic markets make it the ideal partner for us. We foresee that this partnership will make us strong and competitive in the evolving Finnish market today and in the future.”

OpenBet is one of the world’s companies in the whole industry. It has been present on the market for more than 25 years, and during this time, its members founded and established a range of innovative solutions that can be found on key sports betting markets all around the world.

Its offering includes various services in the domain of betting technology, content, and services. Its partner network consists of successful companies from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, as well as from Europe and APAC.

The company is owned by Endeavor, the leader in the world of sports betting and entertainment.

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